CTS Week 6, Seen and Not Heard; Consideration on Curating Public Exhibitions

The lesson today was fascinating as the idea of curation has always interested me. We were given a lecture on the variety of curation types, the sterile white cube of the contemporary art gallery compared to the Salon’s in which everything had it’s place on the wall with the system of hierarchy. Most of the time these pieces were placed in elaborate gold frames. We also looked at the idea of the cabinet of curiosity, when the curation style doesn’t necessarily have any order, it’s just a mass of items.. this in away links with Marcel Duchamp and his idea of ‘ready-made’ art. All mass produced pieces of everyday, mundane stuff can, in fact, be transformed into something special if you create the right setting within the right space.

Concluding the lecture we as a group were asked to create our own curated exhibition which had a name, a theme and some sort of structure to it. We had created a gallery about zine’s,  and it was called Very Small Comics, named after one of the pieces we actually to feature in our little exhibition.

As a playful kind of exhibition, we thought it would be humorous and fun for the viewer to be presented first with the largest zine from a total of eight, and then finish off with the smallest one. Also as an ironic factor, we had it placed in a gallery space much larger than the work itself, as there is no need for such a large space holding such tiny documents.