See You in 6G, 20 Final Images

For the individual part to the See You in 6G project, we had the option to either produce 20 A2 images printed and finished, or a 3 minute video which would include animation. I was tempted to produce an animation although I realised I was quite pushed for time with this project and had also never tried it before. It’s definitely something I wish to experiment with in the future.

The theme I chose for the second half of my project was the theme of social media, which had to still link with the dystopian theme. I enjoyed working with the idea of robots and aliens but after awhile I realised it just wasn’t something I would normally work with and couldn’t completely relate to it as an artist. I reworked the storyline and went with the idea that it’s not robots and aliens you should be scared of it’s human beings, in particular, teenage girls on social media and the melodramatic bullshit that comes with it. I produced an introductory piece for this project.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 21.55.08

I created all of the work on Adobe Illustrator and did the font myself, although if I had of had more time I would have researched a lot more into composition when working with type as this was my first attempt. Overall I was happy with the amount of work I produced and some of my images I’m really happy with, but a lot of them need work to be able to tie the project together more.

Doodles, Visual Essay 2

My own initial drawings/sketches, visual essay preparation. Done using my phone

Very brief, I spend around 20 seconds on each, all done at night time in bed. I feel like this helps me to sleep at night as my mind is working in a creative way, which can link back to the idea of doodling increasing cognitive therapy.

3 A1s, Final

All agreed that given more time we would have made a lot of changes to these images, our original method of working together maybe wasn’t best suited for us considering five different people’s styles are going to end up clashing. All also agreed that the third image in this thread was the most successful of the three. The colours and style of editing makes for a good image, the other two definitely need a lot more work.