Initial thoughtsss


This new project asks us to design a 3D concept and imagine it in a specific environment. Beginning with Boom for Real, a collection of Basquiat’s work, I drew influence from his work but also the artists he loved. Basquiat was mostly inspired by artists who had an interest in non-western art such as Matisse, who including the angularity of African sculpture and flatness of Japanese prints in his own work. I wanted this to be a theme in my own work for this project and so began looking at Asia, masks and their meanings. Specifically in Japan masks are quite a big part of their culture and have many which are used for various occasions. Samurai, Okame, Festival, Animegao masks and several more, but the one which stuck out to me the most was the Kitsune mask. Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, and foxes are a common subject in Japanese myths or folklore. Messengers of gods and a good omen, they are also said to appear as beautiful women and trick humans.

Chris Pell, an artist I have drawn inspiration from in the past also draws in a mythical style always creating work to fit into a world of his own. He also produces music and so for each radio show would produce an imagine to go along with it.


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