My concept for this project lies within the Japanese god Inari herself. She is a looming character who seems to be a protector and one who appears to human beings only when it is necessary, like in the legends when she appears sometimes as a huge spider to teach a wicked man a lesson. With this I looked into the issue of women being sexually assaulted on public transportation such as busy buses and subway trains/the underground. This is an issue still today and something that women, particularly young girls, have to deal with day to day especially in Japan. The idea I had was to place imagery and symbols of Inari and her foxy form around public transportation, posters on the walls of the tube, a repeat pattern of Inari on the seat covers and little shrine stones next to benches. Symbolising that Inari is always watching which hopefully will make girls feel at ease but also men feel uncomfortable and maybe will be more likely to leave girls alone. Inari’s appearance depends on the individual devotees personal beliefs, making Inari a very personal and accessible deity. She can appear as what you are thinking about at that current time to make you pay attention to her.


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