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to be honest I got a graphic tablet for christmas and I have just been totally experimenting with everything in terms of digital art at the minute. … shapes and colours etc. I even wanted to use it for the research period and while watching documentaries or reading about the artists I did sketchnotes on my tablet and little drawings. just mostly outllining the first stages of their career and how they came to be or what inspired them. I wasn’t sure for a while what I was going to pick for this project, whether or not I wanted to have a running theme. I started drawing this first image (REVEAL) playing around mostly just with fat swatches of colour and it began to look like a forest scene so I went a long with it and fit it in with Kusuma’s interest in nature .

This started the idea of focusing on the artists beginnings, more so, humble beginnings. Each of these artists have experienced fame on a huge level, coming from nothing, and so it’s interesting for me to look back on a time in which no one really focuses as much anymore. Looking at a place or something in particular which inspired them or was important in making them who they are today. There were a few other artists who inspired me at this time such as, Nejc Prah, Inji Seo, Ram Han and …. all of which are portraying bright eye catching colours which is something I aimed to achieve in this project, really playing with colour, also texture, colour and brush stroke. the first three images I did with the bright coloured backgrounds I tried to re think and do think it works well now with more basic background colours. grain, colour swatches, colour inspiration from basquiat

talk about the posters themselves and the story behind each humble beginning

in terms of experimenting with these final images I messed around with the hue and saturation of my images, they kind of look like night and day versions of the drawings but it was cool to see how they would look with an even madder colour scheme

Resistance in Music cccc

  • Discourse, limitations of acceptable speech in certain situations. Things we can and cannot do, in certain spaces. Music is situated in particular social relationships and loctions.
  • Examples of songs, bands and actions that might relate to the idea of resistance
  • Riot Grrrl movement
  • Nina Simone, ‘Don’t let me be understood’
  • Joey Badass most recent album ‘American Occupation’
  • Sex Pistols
  • Bob Marley ‘Exodus’
  • System of a Down, ‘BYOB’
  • Patti Smith, ‘People have the Power’
  • Sinead O’Connor
  • Billie Holiday, ‘Strange Fruit’
  • Act of listening, as a form of resistance against the Nazi regime, ‘Swing Girls’ young people listning to other music and rejecting their home music. Tinariwen ! !!!
  • SUBCULTURE ? Chris Barker, cultural studies
  • Subculture within a culture, the prefix ‘sub’ has connoted notions of distinctiveness and difference from the dominant or mainstream society
  • Youth Subcultures
  • Mods and Rockers
  • We should be reading the style of the silent majority, they are resisting through clothing rather than shouting about it
  • Race/ethnicity..
  • “Rap, an ardent form of resistance and a definite expression of oppositional culture.” (Martinez, 1997: 268).
  • Bronski Beat
  • Recuperation, irredeemably revolutionary or subversive, contraversial, is normalised and becomes part of commercial exchange. Things that are formally known as dangerous are then used to sell things to us.
  • Feminism as a threat to dominant powers, becomes present in a pop group
  • The labelling and redifintion of deviant behaviour by dominant groups. The police, the media, the judiciary, ie. the ideological form
  • Music of Resistance series
  • Two contemporary scenes, rock, trap, skater culture, POP, degree of functionality, accessibility
  • Everything comes back to George Michael, choose life t-shirt
  • Examples, case study, contextualise, e-journals .. ESSAAAAYYY : -)
  • Next week – semiotics visuals ❤


  • Authenticity, Robert Johnson blues myth, notoriety
  • Authenticity, Iggy Azalea, trash lol, cultural appropriation
  • Rock music and playing music backwards to get messages from the devil, hidden messages
  • Authenticity in terms of whether your heart and soul is in the music or if you’re just doing it for money, artists who have changed their style completely just to ‘keep up with the times’, for example, Black Eyed Peas and Jack White. Question of authenticity on how long you have been in the business for? Authenticity of genres, new emerging genres and ‘soundcloud’ rappers.. whether or not you write your own music.
  • Real, honesty, sincere and emotion …. ‘keeping it real’, believable and reliable that it is genuine, and thus acceptable
  • Milli Vanilli authenticity, CD skipped during a concert and they were stripped of Grammy award
  • Ability and skills, an originator
  • World music, ‘damned to authenticity’
  • Geography, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, social class, age, consistency and voice/accent. TASTE, omnivore.. much more accepting today
  • Sarah Thornton reading *
  • Rock as authentic and Pop as inauthentic
  • The making and unmaking of Iggy Azalea article
  • Madonna appropriating things to better her own career and not help those who founded it, such as Voguing ..
  • What makes a fan authentic? At what point did you start listening to the music? Band t-shirts and clothing, Kylie and Kendall Jenner made t-shirts. Can you sing every lyric of every song ? Specialised knowledge, sacred objects, dancing styles
  • Demonstrating your subcultural capital
  • Andrew WK


Yaeji, Korean DJ, producer, vocalist, visual artist and fashion designer has unlocked my heart and shown me not only how hard I myself can work but also the strong connection between music and illustration and this has taken my interest even further, she also plays a lot with colour and shapes in her music videos.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.02.11

Music Cultures (8)

  • What is good? Do you have good taste?
  • Discussion of favourite and least favourite music genres
  • The Frankfurt School, Adorno and Horkheimer
  • Culture Industry, Adorno writing in Marxist perspective, pessimistic/negative ?
  • Adorno infamously hated Jazz music as he was a racist
  • Standardization, Cultural Homogenity and Predictability
  • “Guess what is coming and feel flattered when it does come” familiarity and recgonition
  • Culture industry and has replaced the human production of artistic and intellectual creativity, marketplace governs the production of culture
  • Popular music as a fetish .. commerce and exchange
  • People don’t have the time for long intros anymore, spotify killed the long intro, speed of sound. People want it all straight away, not having to wait
  • Pierre Bourdieu.. role of class in modern France, and in particular concepts of ‘habitus’ and cultural capital
  • “Taste classifies and it classifies the classifier”
  • Grayson Perry documentary, Tumbridge Wells, democracy has bad taste
  • Cultural Captial, education, social background, demonstrations of taste
  • Sarah Thornton, Sub-Cultural Capital

Inspiration ; ARTISTS

In terms of developing my illustration this year, I really want to focus on pushing myself more towards a more graphic style, looking into type a little bit more and composition, but also character development and looking at textures and styles which help towards creating more developed characters, which could maybe eventually be used in animation, another thing I wish to look at this year.

Nejc Prah

Inji Seo

Ram Han


Anna Hoffman