Based on personal experience I created a concept and which I knew would not only be able to help me, but many others as well. So far I have done a fair bit of research and recently I’ve become interested in natural ways of healing, self care and looking after yourself. I suffer with bad stomach problems and anxiety and have been making a conscious effort to look into things that could aid these issues before heading straight to the doctors. Everything I had began researching I found out had so many links and it just seems right to create a project like this. The four areas I began researching was food, plants, crystals and astrology. I started with healing foods and how I could change my diet to help my stomach, papaya being one of them it actually has the ability if eaten regularly, to reduce or get rid of intestinal issues like IBS and crohns, colitis and ulcers. With food came the idea of cooking and eating being helpful towards reducing mental health issues such as anxiety. Along with this, one of the first things I started to look into in terms of peace of mind was healing crystals and their abilities. I know a lot of people probably think it’s silly but I guess it’s just whatever works for you, but I believe that people could find peace within them. There’s a lot of stuff on crystals in terms of the frequencies the stones give out and how each means something different. With the crystals came a new interest in astrology, how the stars and planets when aligned a certain way can really, supposedly, mess with our heads and effect our mood for the better. I also found this thing called medical astrology which determines how each star sign rules a certain part of the body! It’s so interesting and I actually found out about it in this book I bought called the folklore of plants which brings me to the final aspect of self healing guide. This book is so interesting and has loads of different information including a section on healing herbs. Basically with all of this together I think it would be so great to put a huge guide together linking these four aspects and giving people something else to think about before they feel they need to go straight to the doctors. I live in a city which advertises pills and drugs before recommending more sleep at night and a better diet when trying to aid exhaustion.

Concerning the production of this project I am leaning towards a four part publication. All the work I have been looking at over the last month has been really based around natural forms and this is something I used to look at and work with all the time especially when making ceramics and paintings. I realized recently that so much of my work has been purely digital and as much as I have learned in that area its made me realize the huge amount of detail that can be lost in produced purely digital based images. Keeping with the theme of natural forms and my old way of working, I want to try to combine painting and hand made work with digital in a graphic format. I have taken a real interest recently in typeface and lettering and combining graphics with really detailed pieces of drawing work which I will need to focus on if creating a fully laid out book. I have been playing around some pieces, I drew a papaya with oil pastels, scanned it in and started playing around and editing a typeface. I went to Dublin to meet a graphic designer named Braulio Amado and see his new book release. His work has been really inspiring for me recently and I just feel this is something I really want to explore within this project.

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