Relationship BETWEEEN topic, question, method ..

  • examples of thesis work
  • research methods, recap
  • research ethics: what to considerrrr
  • beyond google; database search, google scholar
  • engagement with reading secondary sources
  • interviews, primary research
  • talk about methods
  • appropriate methods for the appropriate question
  • then how will you go about these methods, how will you contact and communicate with people, permission, consent form
  1. TOPIC/AREA of interest
  2. QUESTION: specific and giving focus, can reasonably be answered, invites analysis
  3. HOW? method/theoretical framework
  4. WHY? ‘rationale and justification’ why is this interesting to you, and why should anyone else be interested, what can be gained?

intro, how you’re going to answer ur question, the 1000 words is u discussing the literature that you have already read in relation to the topic, discussing the research you have completed, figure out links between different writers, can they help, do they agree or disagree. IT will contain five keywords


  1. quantitive and and qualitative methods
  2. questionnaires and interviews (ethical considerations)
  3. the case study
  4. online sources and archives
  5. visual ethnography
  6. oral histories
  7. identity discourse analysis
  8. psychogeography and expeiential research


  • structure yourself well, draft hand ins
  • come to class
  • realise how much scope you can get in each option
  • change likely to happen in your question, different angles and viewpoints
  • something interesting
  • your own point of view and informed by other people, write at your own pace
  • commitment
  • google scholar is a ‘god send’, trail of sources, look in sources of a book and find new key works, on the right path
  • gather citations, list in table and put them into different categories or themes/arguments, keep it focused
  • academic resources in the library, learnt a lot
  • side things to inform your writing and reference without taking away from word limit

really important to do the cover sheet pelase don’t forget lily lol x

personal things to look at, hollistic medicene and sources, esoteric art, new age aesthetic, medical astrology

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