Self Service

self-service.jpgSelf Service is a podcast which assisted me a lot with the last few months during the research period of this coming project, and where I want to go with it. I haven’t listened to many podcasts in my time but this one truly resonated with me, and everything that was spoken about was exactly what I was thinking, feeling, or had a growing interest in at that time. I was facing issues with anxiety and troubling stomach pains due to hereditary patterns, diet and lifestyle, and all I wanted to learn about how I could benefit by simply changing my diet, eating more plant based foods and finding peace within natural methods of healing such as meditation, crystals and healing plants. The combination of methods was interesting to me because some of these ideas and techniques are new, but a lot of them are very old and it seems like people are beginning to look back to the past to bring back calming remedies. A lot of what I get at the end of these podcasts is to live a healthy balanced lifestyle with a positive mindset, which is very obvious to a lot of people, but saying that, I think I always forget it, and slip back to bad habits, and it’s good to be reminded.

“Being a single woman in possession of land, healing using old plant knowledge,” Jerico Mandybur.

At the end of each podcast there is a guest speaker in which she lays out the horoscope forecast of the week explaining exactly how the stars and planets are shifting and being aligned, and how that might effect us over the coming days. More and more I’ve become interested in astrology and if true, how it could help us maybe consider how we react or don’t react in certain situations. A lot of it could be trash, but there are things this particular astrologist speaks about, Jessica Lanyadoo, that has very much resonated with me, also the personalised astrology app Co – Star, down to the exact time of your birth, that can hit a nerve whilst reading because, it’s pretty flipping accurate. This is something I think is so wholesome reading and learning about because it’s magical but also is souly connected to you. I believe it is a form of self care. I think showing interest in anything and dedicating time to that though, is, a huge form of self care.

Things to do ! One thing I’m going to do, following on from this is, see a Kinesiologist, next monday, I’m excited about it. And one thing I wish to do, is go for a reading.