Idea for Tutor Brief : Traces

The first I was initally interested in was Traces. Music has been a huge part of my life and I have always wanted to do a project based around it. Recently I’ve noticed on instagram via the people that I follow, different music settings, surroundings, styles of music and that types of people that follow. I didn’t want to focus on primarily a ‘club setting’ as I feel it’s quite obvious, but all sorts of music.

The three screenshots below reveal a boy dancing in quite a mesmerising way to a trap song, the second reveals a gospel choir in a rather futuristic setting, the third is a singer bound by Japanese shibari in the middle of the dance floor amongst the crowd. These three very different and striking variations of song and movement I find interesting in the way music effects people, leaving traces of happiness, or even sadness in them. Also how people leave traces in different places because of music. What it means to them and how they react to it and how they move their bodies because of it. Quick, erratic and impulsive movements, powerful movements. I wish to focus on how it effects you for the better, happiness. It’s wonderful how every single person on earth can be brought together in this way. No matter what you’re interested in or your background, everyone feels that same feeling.

Considering how I would visualise this, I’m unsure. The concept is quite far from what I’m used to, and my initial thought was animation. However I’ve never done this before and feel I would struggle through it as a final year project. I imagine the work for this project to be quite abstract… the current task I’m setting myself is to complete 20 – 30 quick drawings in one hour, no thinking about it, just doing. This is hard for me as I always have been really particular with my work, and don’t know how many times I’ve been told to ‘loosen up’ but this is my opportunity.

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