Candle scents, colours and shapes

An interesting series of images I saw online reveals a method of colouring the candle wax without having to melt down various pigments. The series of images came with no description or ‘how to’, but I’ve been trying to work out exactly how this might be done.


The last picture shows the candles now coloured and I think the effect it leaves is amazing! So colourful and interesting I had to research into. Originally I thought it may have been a set of wax colouring pastels made especially for this process, but I searched and found nothing. Under closer inspection I considered chalks. The way the person covers their hand with colour and how they look in the box I think it was more likely they were chalks.

To try it, I bought a box of 50 dinner candles and used some regular crayola chalks I had and below was the inital test result! The colours and markings were subtle and it was hard to transfer the chalk on to the wax. I think this may be because crayola chalks are hard and ‘dust proof’ that it was harder to colour the wax. I’m going to continue experimenting with what I have for now and order some softer chalk pastels which will hopefully produce the same effect created in the previous image.



I purchased these Faber Castell soft pastels for the range of colours and softer, dustier quality. There is more of an intense colour are much more appealing. This has been an interest experiment process considering I tried it out myself without knowing exactly how to do it. I will definitely be trying this out on candles both with and without pigment.


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