First Attempt

This picture shows my first try at melting down the wax and pouring it into the mold. It was difficult at first to keep a steady hand which is why the wax is everywhere and looks very messy. The wax and pigment were very easy to melt down and combine on a low heat as a precaution.

While I can sometimes be totally impatient I removed the wax from the mould after 2 hours when it really should have been around 5 hour cooling time. It was the first try after all and I just wanted to get an idea of how it was looking and whether or not I should give up all hope. On removing the wax I found this :

Not the most positive outcome… Although straight away I was able to work out where I had gone wrong. The bottom of the wick got stuck at the vital connecting point from the bulb of the mushroom and the stem. Also, I think the mould wasn’t held together securely enough and there was leakage, causing the wax to seep out and not fully reach the top of the mould. I am still relatively happy for a first outcome ! The shape is definitely there and it stands up straight. It just needs a little more refinement.


The process can be very messy if you don’t have steady, also, the original tub the silicone solidified in is necessary to hold the mould together inside without it bleeding out through any possible gaps or little holes. The next picture shows a new tidier method, using the same tools as wax melting tools. Any leftover wax is put in the glass jar to have a build up of colours as I go along.


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