‘The Art of Japanese Life’ Documentary

Recently I watched a documentary detailing different aspects of life in Japan throughout the centuries. It’s a beautiful short series which focuses on nature, cities, and homes in Japan. In particular the episode which initally drew me in was the one about nature. We discover information on the Japanese religion of Shinto, which believes in the worship of kami. These kami are godly figures and spirits, but unlike any other religion, they believe these spirits live within the natural world around them, in the trees, plants, wind, rocks and waterfalls. I personally think this is very beautiful, rather than the worship of a possible unlikely god, they put all their energy into protecting the relationship between man and nature. The Bonsai is discussed, I was totally unaware of how over time they are crafted like a true art form. One bonsai tree shown was around 500 years old. Sesshu was an artist who stuck out for particular interest to me.

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