FMP Possible Final Concept Idea

I really like the idea of making a scroll, I’ve already tried it to see if it works and I was succesful although there were aspects I would need to pay more attention to and give more care. Commentary on my growth and blossoming as a flower and also the way in which humans crave more, more excitement, more beauty, more life and growth. This will almost be a journey through my time here in London and at LCC. To accompany I’m considering making my own flower arrangement which represents, like ikebana and the changing seasons, the changing times of a young creative. Many directions, many questions and many concerns. To be a young and accomplished creative today is something comes with a lot of pressure I have realised over the last year or so.

Moving forward with my ideas I have decided against the scroll idea. I feel as though a scroll would be too fiddly and may not represent my work as well as I thought. Being only able to see a small portion of at once, and because my hand made paper is so delicate I would fear if it was torn of damaged in anyway by so many hands messing with it.

A large screen print is what I will continue with. 2 large screen prints. On two large spreads of paper, both are around A1 size and each will have a different amount of detailed work printed on them.


Paper Making Continues

This time I’ve really been pushing to make different shapes and forms from the paper meshed together. I’m glad I was able to make lighter tones with the paper. It looks like vanilla cream and sprinkles. I merged 10 separate A4 pieces to make into a scroll, seen in the last image. I’m in love with this, I’m very surprised I was able to connect all these pieces so well and when rolled it looks like a proper beautiful scroll.

Another Batch…


Encyclopedia of Flowers III

By Makoto AZUMA, and Shunsuke SHIINOKI

“Flowers distributed and traded as a product in the form of cut flowers are already in a state of apparent death when they arrive at the florist’s. Taking over the life that has been torn off by human hand, I have been convincing myself that my mission should be to express its existence and highlight its beauty even stronger than it used to be in its original environment. This is what I refer to when I talk about “killing to let live.” I freeze flowers. I fire them. Drown them. Vacuum-pack them. I leave the flowers alone as they gradually decay and finally die. As my projects involve forcing flowers into extreme states, they may appear somewhat violent. But there exists a kind of beauty that only reveals itself in the face of death.”

“The Encyclopedia of Flowers project is an ongoing fixed-point observationof human desires. On the flower market that is propelled by humans’ inexhaustible thirst for beauty, there aren’t always flowers of the same kind on offer. Fashions change, and as some kinds become extinct and new ones are created through crossbreeding, there is a demand for changes in the product line in intervals as short as two years.”

“The ‘Shiki’ installations explore the relationship between man and nature in the most minimalist way. In recent years I did installations at a now closed power plant, and in a hall at the Communist Party headquarters. Such artificial structures all disintergrate and rot away, before plants eventually take root and grow, back in the field as if nothing had ever happened. It is a clash between the fragility of civilisation built by mankind, and the viatlity of nature. A sense of reverence for the immeasurable vital force of nature.”