Quick Notes for FMP

What it may look like? Large a2/a1 sheets of collaged handmade paper, screen prints. Trees, watch the ‘Home’ episode of Japanese Life Doc and find out what the big brush is called. Combination of big brush strokes and little ones, and foiling…

3 or 4 large spreads..Hung ? or Attached to wall. Light shining through them so it is possible to see the bones and connecting aspects of the paper meshing together …

Respect for nature. Ties in theme of religion, global warming and having a better understanding of the natural world around us. Putting energy into what is right there in front of you, not praying to something may not exist. *Shinto nature. *Handmade paper. *Respect for trees. *Grand images on large scale. *More impact.

A religion that is a way of life, a respect for the world around you. The way of kami, spirits and keeping that bond strong with the natural world. People are always made aware of animals that becone extinct, but what about when it happens to plants.

Extinct trees ~ Saint Helena Olive tree, Franklinia tree ? Cyanea Superba tree and Sephore Toromiro tree (which is held currently in captivity but is being re-introduced into the wild).

Today, Cyanea superba is being propagated in facilities across Hawaii, and the United States army has collected over 50,000 seeds and put them in storage.

The cause of extinction is a result of several factors. The plants were forced to compete with invasive plant species and fell victim to habitat destruction as well as consumption by feral pigs, rats, and non-native slugs. Arson is a chief threat to conservation efforts.

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